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We deliver extraordinary results for clients by combining optimisation technologies, services and custom-built facilities that ensure sustained growth, fulfillment and momentum over the long-term.

Our clients are able to recognize their untapped potential and to bridge the gap from where they are - to where they want to be at a specific point in time. Progress can be tracked through easy-to-use tools and systems.

Accelerating your leadership is our specialty.

Your Relationship Manager consults with you to clarify your focus and to tailor a Leadership Curriculum that delivers what you want... personal, professional and/or business.

You get the latest leadership tools, know-how and strategies delivered via a memorable educational experience. Choose from local seminars ranging from a few hours, 90-day Leadership Certificate to a year-long international Leadership Academy.

For the optimum results, we recommend synergizing consulting, training and coaching. This approach will multiply your ruturn on investment.

Goldzone’s programs and services are delivered via licensed resellers, partners and distributors in both third-party venues and custom-built, full-service, dedicated faciltiies.

Visit our custom-built Leadership Center for a total solution to reinvent, renew and revolutionize yourself and your business including: Conference Center, Board Rooms/Meeting Rooms, Spa/Wellness Center, Vitality Butler, Café, Concierge, Serviced Offices, VIP Suites, Personal Chauffeur, Consulting, Training and Coaching services (Please note that we are in the process of launching our local facility and currently do not offer all of these facilties).

Your greatest luxury is time. We offer unsurpassed personal services that allow you to focus on what is important to you; imagining your ideal life, visualizing innovative products, services and business models, aligning your teams and infusing passion into your organisation.

Passion is contagious...

Technology has changed the way we live, work and play. Goldzone reinvents and merges high-tech facilities with the space and ambience of a private retreat, to think, to renew, to network and to connect.

The result? Transformation in personal and business leadership...

Typical clients include; executives, investors, authors, artists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, directors, businesspeople, managers, entrepreneurs, contractors, consultants, small, medium and multinational corporations etc. You are in good company.

Goldzone’s programs are able to produce dramatic changes in peoples' lives because of our revolutionary technologies and high-performance teaching and coaching methods.  Seminar instructors are charismatic and inspirational. They are accomplished, fully qualified, have "earned the right to teach," and have mastered the main sustaining principles of the subject being taught.  Participants see, feel and experientially are "touched" so that the lessons are gained emotionally as well as mentally.

Learning environments are carefully sculpted to include music, multimedia, movement and "real to life" exercises and simulations that deliver more information in less time and are able to produce dramatic changes in peoples' behaviors and results.

Established in 2000, Goldzone's educational curriculum is based on more than 50 years of extensive international research, development and exploration including travel to 51 countries, producing over 400 seminars and working with more than 40,000 individuals and organizations. The Goldzone team has identified the critical success factors that enable some people to be more successful - and fulfilled - financially, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually than others. We deliver this information - as a system - with the promise of lasting, life-long change.

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